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Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program

Molecular Prevention Course

This one-week course on molecular aspects of cancer prevention follows the Principles and Practice of Cancer Prevention and Control course. It provides a strong background about molecular biology and genetics of cancer, and an overview of cutting-edge research and techniques in the fields of molecular epidemiology, biomarkers, multi-omic, and translational research. The following topics will be typically presented:

  • An Overview of Carcinogenesis
  • Oncogenes, Tumor Suppressor Genes, and Other Cancer-Related Genes
  • Translational Genomics
  • Molecular Pathology and Tumor Subtypes
  • microRNA
  • Epigenetics
  • Telomeres
  • Metabolomics
  • The Human Microbiome
  • Immunoprevention
  • Application of Molecular Markers in Cancer Prevention
  • Bioinformatics Tools for Multi-Omic Data
2016 Molecular Prevention Course Participants

2016 Molecular Prevention Course Participants
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Cover of the Molecular Prevention Course syllabus2016 FINAL Molecular Course syllabus
(PDF 865KB)

For an overview of the most recent course offerings, held August 01 – 05, 2016, please see the 2016 FINAL Molecular Course syllabus (PDF 865KB).

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2016 Annual Advances in Cancer Prevention Lecture

Polyvalent Vaccines Targeting Oncogenic Driver Pathways

Thumbnail portrait of Mary L. (Nora) Disis, MD

Mary L. (Nora) Disis, MD
Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine

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